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Young and enthusiastic mobile games development studio based in the heart of Europe – Brno, Czech Republic

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Our passion lies in creating entertaining and exceptional games for kids and adults. We're big fans of mobile technology thus we focus on development for iOS and Android.

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We're standing together since the beginning of 2013 and we believe that the only thing that matters is the power of ones imagination.


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It's pretty difficult to catch an eye of audience who is overload with flood of stimuli but we're trying hard to make games worth your attention.

12 November

Defend Your Life! On Steam. Vote For Us!

logo_ohgodmyeyesIt is truth that everybody own mobile device and it is truth that Defend Your Life! can be enjoyed on them. But what about players preferring PC? So we decided to try out release the game on Steam as well.


And here we are we need your help! You are the decision maker. If you would like to see Defend Your Life! on Steam, help us to pass the Greenlight. Just visit the game on Steam page and vote for us. :)

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